The Farm

Grönskog Gård has a long story to tell, actually from 14th century, but even today much is happening here. For three generations now our family has owned and developed the farm. From year 2000, besides forest and farm-keeping, we welcome guests to fish and/or to rent our cottages. Our lamb breeding started in 2005 and now we have four strong legs to stand on.

  • The Forest - The total area of the farm is about 700 hectares and out of this about 500 are forest ground. Here you will find a unique environment, especially as the river Emån divide into delta arms on our land which makes the surroundings very special.
  • The Farm - A smaller part, 35 hectares, is cultivated for grain and hay and we also use about 15 hectares meadow land for our lamb breeding. Hereby we are mainly "self supporting".
  • The Cottages and Fishing - Since year 2000 the farm has three nice cottages to rent. This has made the farm more vivid from springtime to autumn.
  • The Sheep - In 2005, after a break from cattle, the family found it was time for animals in our pastures again and from then we keep sheep, today about 300 ewes and 4 rams mainly of the breed texel.

To our family also several horses and dogs belong.