Seatrout and Salmon

When talking about fishing Emån is most famous for it´s big seatrout. Trying to catch them in the spring is the most used method and also gives best chances for success. The wandring to play starts in august and the seatrout can swim all the way up to Högsby. Improvments are constantly in progress. These fishes travel when they are at their best, which means they are not easy to outwit. It takes a large portion of luck and skill to lure them into biting.


We have about 2,5km streaming water where you are free to find your special lucky spot. We only accept 10 fishingguests a day. With 12 marked pools, half of them located along the mainstream, there is plenty of options for everyone.


Our season starts in march and april, has a break during the summer, and then starts again in the end of august until end of september.