Sure, life on the countryside is hard to beat, but sometimes you still want to enjoy what the city has to offer in terms of activities, events, shopping and restaurants.

Not far from our farm is a number of villages and a few bigger cities. They are all different in character and offers a big variety of tourist attractions so that you can find your special favorite.




1,5 mil from Grönskogs Gård is Oskarshamn. This is a middlesized town with shops, cafés and restaurants.





Our farm belongs to Mönsterås community, which has its center about 3 mil from the farm. Here you can find a cosy pedestrian street with small shops and restaurants.



If you want to take a longer trip it is about 7 mil to the bigger city Kalmar. Here is a large selection of tourist attractions, culture and activities. Aside from that you can find all sorts of shopping and restaurants.



About 7 mil north of Grönskogs Gård is Västervik. This is also a bigger town with several options for sightseeing. It is a summertown with close distance between the coastline and shopping etc.



Fliseryd is our closest small village. It is only five minutes away and you can find a foodstore, a bank, postoffice, bakery and pizzaplace.