For the children

Nothing can measure up to a holidayexperience with your kids! The things we as adult see as usual or simple often becomes magical and exciting in the eyes of a child. Sure we wish to be there again ourselfes sometimes!

Staying with us you live in the middle of the fantastic nature and waters of Småland, still never far from several wellknown familyattractions.


Astrid Lindgrens world


Take a day and experience the world through the eyes of Astrid Lindgren. Only a 1,5 hours drive from the farm the whole family can meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil and Ronja.

Öland Zoo and Amusement park


Why not take a trip to Ölands combined zoo and amusementpark? With animals from all over the world, roller coasters, waterland and pirates there is something for all ages. It is located after the bridge on Öland side, just an hour from your cottage.

Leos gameland


In Leos gameland in Kalmar fun and games are on the schedule. Time to be kids for the whole family.

Skälby 4H


Join the feeding, caring, picking eggs and sheering sheep. You can also find ponyrides and carriages. A nice day for your entire family.




Sweden is wonderful in many ways, but the power of the weather is not always in the mood. It is good to know you still can swim and play in the water, only indoors.

The waterpalace in Mönsterås is besides the usual swimmingpool also equipped with relaxpool, bubblepool sauna and waterslide, partually placed outside.